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When is the Best Time to Teach Time?
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By Claire

How does the Toddler Focus?

Nothing is more therapeutic than watching the progress of a repetitive motion.  This Ball Tracker is ideally suited for this function; toddlers find themselves absolutely fascinated by the movement of the ball.  They can sit on the floor or on a toddler stool and place the ball into the hole at the top of the Tracker, then track it’s movement as it progresses down each track to the bottom.

Tracking toys provide children with the opportunity to build important developmental skills including those relevant to cognitive and physical development. The benefits of using this material include:

  • Focus on a moving object – the child will begin to watch the ball roll while keeping their head still or with only slight movement, this prepares the eyes for reading and develops important ocular skills.
  • Strengthens eye muscles – as the child is able to focus and track the ball for longer periods of time.
  • Develops coordination – developing hand-eye coordination as they reach for and grasp the ball.

  • Builds concentration – the toddler repeats the exercise building concentration.
  • Problem-solving skills – if the ball falls out or if the ball doesn’t go in the child begins to problem solve.
  • Teaches basic concepts of logic – when they drop the ball into the frame the child will begin to predict what will happen next, they might even start to put their hands at the end to catch the ball before it gets there.
  • Develops gross and fine motor skills – the child will grasp the ball, squat, move up and down and reach out repeatedly.
  • Develops core stability – for young children the squatting and moving up and down picking up the ball and standing independently can help develop core stability.

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