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Geography is Not Just 1 Subject
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By Claire

Geography is Not Just 1 Subject

How do you implement your knowledge of Geography while at the same time incorporating the study of civilizations, ecology, and climate?  This is possible if you take advantage of this weeks’ Childrens House Weekly Deal of the ETC® Map Game.

When Maria Montessori returned from India after World War II, she was asked her nationality.  She replied metaphorically, “I live in Heaven, my country is a star which turns around the Sun and is called the Earth.” (Maria Montessori – A Centenary Anthology) She passionately believed that “we are a single organism, one nation… “ and that “contemporary man has citizenship in the great nation of humanity.” (Education and Peace).

The philosophy that she is echoing (in these comments) is epitomised in the curriculum of The Map Game.   The game is aimed at both the Lower Elementary Level for ages 6 to 9 and the Upper Elementary Level ages 9 to 12.  The difference is in the questions, research projects, games and task cards which is supplementary material to guide the student and teacher.  (Please note the Questions & Research Cards for 6 to 9 years of age and 9 to 12 years of age are NOT on the Weekly Deal).

The cards take full advantage of the features present in the game, allowing the students to fully explore and begin making use of the National Geography Standards and Skills, they will –ETC® Map Game

  • View the world in multiple ways.
  • Begin knowing about the world – Geographic content
  • Explore ideas while asking questions about geography

Moving towards a more advanced level of study, the cards take students on a journey of discovery where they begin seeing the inter-relationships that exist between the environment and the development of civilizations. Further explorations allow students to explore the development of biomes, weather conditions and climatic changes, they will –

  • Gain geographic perspectives while developing a frame of reference so they may begin to ask their own questions.
  • Begin implementing their knowledge of geography in ways that allow them to further master knowledge.
  • Fully implement ways that will allow them to think in geographic terms.

Please review all our other Weekly Deals and see what may be of interest to you.

This weeks specials are valid until 9th December or whilst stocks last.

  • Prices include VAT.  Delivery to your door is free for any orders over R500, anywhere in South Africa. 
  • For orders under R500, a delivery fee of R69 is charged!




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