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Fun with Fractions
Fun with Fractions
Picture of By Claire
By Claire

Fun with Fractions

It’s Sunday and tea-time!  Often the family gather around in the sitting room to enjoy a slice of delicious cake and tea or coffee.  The young Child gets an excited gleam in their eye – they are dying to cut the cake – what a perfect opportunity for The Child to play with their new found knowledge – they can’t wait to cut the circle into a half or a quarter!

Large Fraction Skittles with Stand
Large Fraction Skittles with Stand – 1 full skittle and half of the 2nd skittle

The opportunities for children to experience fractions is boundless!  Whether cutting up apples, making a simple finger puzzle by folding a square of paper into halves, then quarters and eighths or even a clock!

Search by Age Group
Search by Age Group

Childrens House are also able to offer interesting and differently featured products for this week’s specials- fun with fractions.  For example the Large Fraction Skittles are designed for small hands to grip them and put them together or take them apart;  in the process they are developing a muscular memory of halves, thirds and quarters

The Pink Tower is an ideal tool to help The Child to visualise the difference in sizes in 3 dimensions.  All of the above indirectly prepare the child for mathematics and would be used by children of a similar age.

For the youngest children, you can purchase the Growth Process – Sunflower – an ideal puzzle that shows the life cycle of the sunflower – it is 4 puzzles in one.

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