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The Montessori Sun Game
By Claire
By Claire

Feel The Power of the Sun

The Sun is the source of an enormous amount of energy, a portion of which provides Earth with the light and heat necessary to support life.

Children accept, without thought that the Sun is just “there” and will always be there. 

Using this activity, the Montessori Sun Game, you can explain the enormously complex affect that the sun has on all life on earth.  No person, animal or plant is left untouched, leaving children mesmerized as they learn how reliant we all are upon the sun.


The Montessori Network organization invites you to explore another of the resources created by MCI for the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots programme. These activities are designed to help children understand our dependence on the sun and the interdependence of life.

We all benefit from the life giving properties of the Sun. Placed at the centre of our solar system, its light ensures that plants are nourished, providing food for the rest of the living world. Food chains offer us a representation of this power. Food chains help children understand the need to care for our planet and its unique ecosystems and balance, ensuring it remains sustainable for this and future generations.

Feel the Power of the Sun

On a sunny day explore and discuss how we feel when in the Sun. Feel its warmth and power, and explain why we need to protect our eyes and skin.

To make the size and power of the sun come alive compare one UK penny (1cm radius) with a 1.1 metre radius circle representing the Sun. This can be chalked on the ground, or created out of newspaper and tape. Think about how far the Sun is, yet we still feel its strength.  (read more)

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