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Corner of Hope

Nakuru, Kenya

Corner of Hope is a pilot initiative to demonstrate how Montessori teacher training and schools can be delivered to the most vulnerable communities such as those in refugee, transit and IDP Camps.

Its aim is self-reliance not dependence, community not school. Self ownership and control, dignity and self-worth all play an important role in overcoming the trauma experienced by the inhabitants of the camps. It has the added advantage of building for the future and creating transferable skills that will accompany both adults and children wherever their final destination may be. The key focus is for the community to take ownership of all aspects of the process, from construction, to making materials and teacher training.

10 years into existence, the Corner of Hope school in New Canaan is thriving and has become a centre for the community. A second location has opened at a nearby location called Kisima at the request of the community. Corner of Hope has become a model for inspiration and replication, demonstrating a strong foundation in community building, skilled and motivated teachers and flourishing children.

10 Years and Beyond

The evolution of Corner of Hope deserves to be celebrated. The incredible work and dedication of everyone who has contributed to Corner of Hope is at the core of this success story. Corner of Hope has shown that Montessori education can be applied in contexts with limited resources. The Corner of Hope school brought perspective to displaced families, coming together to create better opportunities for their children, during highly challenging times. The first pioneer teachers from the community started their training in 2010 and most are working at Corner of Hope today, growing more confident in their work over the years and in turn mentoring the new teachers from the community. The schools have become the heart of their communities and the parents are dedicated to support Corner of Hope, including tie-dying the material for the new outfits for the children to wear to school each year. The children that have moved on from Corner of Hope continue to do well and continue to visit their Montessori schools frequently.

The Corner of Hope Podcast

In the podcast created in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Corner of Hope, different people involved look back on those past 10 years. Teachers, mentors, community members, AMI Executive Director Lynne Lawrence and the CEO of Montessori for Kenya, Hillary Korir, share their stories, experiences and reflections.
The podcast tells the story of Corner of Hope from the very beginning through the voices of the people involved. It explains how Corner of Hope came into being and discusses the learnings along the way, as well as the plans for the future. It is an intimate podcast that reflects the various experiences and perspectives which are all part of the inspiring story of Corner of Hope.

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