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Peeling Eggs
By Claire
By Claire

The Classroom is also My House

Providing an environment that enhances the attitude that “The Classroom is also My House” engenders a feeling of respect and peace in the Child.  This gives the Child the confidence to use their natural gifts of enthusiasm and their personality to learn and work with others in peace and harmony.

For this state to arise, the teacher must exhibit total trust in the child and know how to observe them at work in the correct manner.  Childrens House has put together a range of specials to help you equip your classroom at our affordable prices.Peeling Eggs

Review our material “Peeling Eggs” as a starting point.   Quality ceramics dishes and an egg holder with a stainless steel egg slicer and tongs to lift the sliced eggs onto the receptacle.  The tray is made from high quality plastic.  All items are proportionally sized for small toddler hands.  The Child improves and develops their fine motor muscles and hand-eye co-ordination, thus developing the muscle movements required to grip a pencil and learn how to write.

A further item to assist you is the Premium Small Button Dressing Frame.  Finger dexterity is further developed Dressing Frame with Small Buttonsas the Child learns to button and unbutton the item of clothing.  It is a lot easier to learn these skills on clothing that is not being worn.   Childrens House has a number of frames with different enclosures and there is a stand to hold these frames.  You can purchase the stand with or without the frames.  Ask for the frames on special!

These are but a  few ideas to help you freshen up your learning shelves. Get prepared for next year by buying our Black Friday Specials.

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