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The Stamp Game helps the Child to learn all about the decimal system, in the form of a game, in a less concrete manner.
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By Claire

Childrens House Goes Global

I was delighted to attend the UTAH Montessori Conference over the weekend of January 30th. I met and mingled with our Montessori Colleagues from across the Atlantic Ocean via a Zoom online event! 

As difficult as the new normal has become in the light of the COVID pandemic there is often something good that comes out of difficult situations.  The Utah Montessori Council invited us to showcase our Montessori materials at their annual conference.  In normal circumstances we would never have had this opportunity.  What an exciting first step in joining the global village!

There were about 145 delegates, Montessori Guides, and a few suppliers.  It was the first time a virtual conference of this nature was held.  It was interesting to hear the local Utah news and some interesting local fund-raising events that they hold.   There were too many good lectures to mention; but there was a solid focus on self-care for teachers not only in the classroom but as parents, colleagues and the other roles that we all play throughout our lives.  The attendees were able to give feedback via a system called

It was fascinating to see the audience’s feedback on the survey questions that accompanied the main lecture. There was also the opportunity to participate in breakaway rooms which involved more discussion and feedback opportunities as well as a chance to get to know the other participants a bit better!

As the conference was virtual in nature, a link to our website, with a special landing page to welcome the attendees, was provided.  We showcased our newest materials, including the Stamp Game and The Continent Folders.  This was fitting as this turned out to be a conference that spanned the continents;  even though most of the attendees were situated in the USA and specifically the state of UTAH.

Childrens House was happy to participate in the event and look forward to similar conferences in future!

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