Nienhuis Language
11 Dozen Inset Pencils: 11 Colors
R 655
CH - Toddler
3 Discs On Vertical Dowel
R 108
Skills - Language
3 Stages Story
R 807
CH - Mathematics
45 Wooden Hundred Squares
R 573
CE - Educational Books
A Dassie's Tale: An African Dassie's Adventure
R 190
CE - Educational Books
A Feather's Tale: An African Feathers Fate
R 190
CE - Educational Books
A Galjoen's Tale: An African Fish's Fate
R 190
Addition Buddy Cards
R 160


I am a "Purist" regarding my Montessori equipment and have to say that, nearly 10 years on, my materials purchased from Children's House, is still in great. The cost is worth the wonder of the correctly manufactured materials!

Bronwyn Evans McBean