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Win R1500 Voucher Facebook

Stand a chance to win a R1500 voucher by reviewing our Facebook page. Anyone can enter just follow these 2 steps: Visit our Facebook page Leave Feedback under the reviews tab. Competition ends 20th of September. Visit our Facebook page Leave Feedback under the reviews tab.

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The Maria Montessori Tulip

Tulips from Amsterdam

Mrs J.J. Werker, set up the first small Montessori ‘Casa dei Bambini’ in the Netherlands, in 1914.  It was soon apparent, that with other schools opening their doors in the Netherlands, it was necessary to coordinate how schools were run and managed, and to pool resources.  In 1917 the official Dutch Montessori Society was formed to liaise with Maria Montessori.  In 1922, this Dutch Society established a Leermiddelenhuis (didactic apparatus centre), to produce materials to

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The featured image of Sharon Caldwell's Real Learning course for Geography in the Cosmic Education - aimed at the Beginner and Seasoned Montessorian teacher

Geography in Cosmic Education

ORGANIC AND RESPONSIVE This course is designed for beginners and seasoned Montessori teachers alike.  It functions as a guided journey for those wanting either an introduction or deep dive lectures.  Like children in a Montessori classroom, participants can work at their own pace and in accordance with their own needs. Interested? Contact Sharon Caldwell – Click Here THE COURSE INCLUDES Real-time interaction on regular Zoom sessions with the course guide. Aids to an adult understanding

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Montessori Early Learning Foundation Logo

Montessori Early Learning Foundation

“Like a sponge these children absorb. It is marvellous, this mental power of the child. Only we cannot teach directly. It is necessary that the child teach himself, and then the success is great.”  Maria Montessori, Citizen of the World, Pg 45

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Schooling in our Time

Schooling in our Time

2020 is now officially the Year of Upheaval for Everyone!  Gone are all the traditional holidays, classes, and experiences – we are all adjusting to the frustrations of the new “Future Normal”.  Parents the world over are re-thinking education for their children.  In the “old world”, all we wanted for

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Working with the Pincer Grip

Handwriting is a vital basic cognitive skill.  When developed, The Child will feel greater self-esteem and become truly independent in their communication skills. The starting point is the pincer grip.  The infant starts to develop this grip between 9 to 12 months.  By providing the correct environment e.g. small items

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Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori - the Child at Work with Red Rods

Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori

Ikhaya Labantwana Montessori, the vision of Dawn Brochenin, opened it’s doors 15 February 2010 in a 5m rented rondawel. 15 Children (2½ – 5 years), were introduced to the Montessori method of teaching in a stimulating and safe learning environment. Dawn’s sterling efforts at fund-raising extended the school’s reach to

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International Day of Peace

International Peace and Heritage Days

24th September, Heritage Day is a day for celebration!  It is also a day for remembrance and reflection on how we got to this point in our lives.   History, a study of the past, gives us our Heritage the achievements and accomplishments of our ancestors.  One cannot live without the other. 

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Mandela Day and a Challenge

Mandela Day, our challenge to reduce plastics

Have a look at one of the latest ranges of books we are offering – “Wetlands, not Wastelands”  This is a delightful book suitable for all children from 3 to 12, providing a great platform to instil an understanding of the human impact upon the environment and how to counter it.  This book is also available in Afrikaans.

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