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The Montessori Green Reading Series

The final in the Montessori phonetic reading series, which consists of 33 digraph boxes and envelopes, split into families and extras. This material provides the Child with an in-depth understanding of the use of digraph combinations with alternative spellings

Stories from our desk
The Maria Montessori Tulip

Tulips from Amsterdam

Mrs J.J. Werker, set up the first small Montessori ‘Casa dei Bambini’ in the Netherlands, in 1914.  It was soon apparent, that with other schools

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Auburn House Montessori School - Logo
Montessori Jobs

Auburn House School

Auburn House Montessori School in Cape Town is in need of a Grade 4 – 7 teacher from January 2022. School Name: Auburn House School

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Montessori Jobs


ChildCloud – an Online Opportunity to Support Montessori Teachers School Name: ChildCloud Job Position: Montessori Teacher Teaching Environment: Online Description: We are looking for a

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Sunita ParmaModderfontein Montessori
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Children's house have always offered fantastic service, they are always willing to assist and offer such speedy service, excellent delivery and very affordable prices for quality Montessori materials. Absolutely 5 star service!
Fahiemah Kenny Absorbent Minds
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Quality equipment and fast delivery
Benjamin Franklin
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An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends
Sue van der LindeIris House
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Wonderful products perfect for @Iris House and the children we serve
Robert Frost
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Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence